**Sales Superstar** earn $240K/year

**Sales Superstar** The company behind the NY Times bestselling book “The Ultimate Sales Machine” is paying Extremely Well for truly Outstanding Sales Talent!

Sales reps earn $60,000/year while Sales Superstars earn $240,000/year!

We are urgently seeking Sales Superstar who can help us fulfill this dramatic increase in demand for our services. The demand for good business advice on how to better Market / Sell / Manage has never been higher and our Consulting / Coaching / Training services need to be sold to the magnitude of businesses worldwide.

This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity for the right person and has a strong career path. Our successful candidates have earned $100,000+, while our proven superstars have moved on to make $240,000 per year with presentation skills. If you have management skills you could double that and pull down a half a million. If you have skills to become a consultant … well our best to date has earned $890,000, but that took me a decade to find that person. I hope you are the next.




We truly don’t care as much about your background as we do your SKILLS for sales. Young or old if you have the stuff - we’ll know it. But seriously, please don’t even respond unless you really have the stuff of greatness.


Does integrity define your character? Does excellence define your actions? If so you’ll find a home here because it is our goal to help the entrepreneurs of the world better implement proven business growth strategies & tactics.


If you’re not self-motivated please do not even contact us. If you're looking to fill your unemployment quota, please don't waste our time.


The right candidates can build an empire within our progressive organization.


Fair warning: business owners and CEO’s will chew up and spit the weak fast, hence the desire to find and build an organization full of courageous leaders.



You will get superb training! If there is a fit between our culture and your skill, you’ll have access to brilliant training. Seriously, if millions have turned to us for guidance to grow their business, 250,000 paid us to learn how to better sell, I promise you’ll have something to learn - no matter how seasoned you are.


There is a career path that leads to presenting, training, coaching, consulting, management as well as executive leadership positions for those that produce results. WORK ENVIRONMENT


NO sales floors, no office to commute to, we have been completely remote ever since 2000, so there is no learning curve going on here. Most of the staff work out of their home office, wherever that may be in the US, but only if you are proven to be talented. This would enable you to earn exceptional living in the comfort of your own home.


This is a legitimate sales position that generates real income. You should be making money in the next 2 weeks. Humbly, we'll confess...we have more opportunities than we can get to, even I’m taking and making sales calls. That pain is driving the need for immediate sales talent. We need people to; pick up the phone, follow up on warm leads, go after our key accounts, get back into organizations and make money.


We are open to have you work part time, but due to the demand, we are looking for a minimum of a 5-hour daily commitment, 4 days a week. But you must be good because we spend millions of dollars and years creating those past clients.


You need to have a reliable computer, high speed Internet and unlimited telephone calls for this job! That’s it!


In these tough times we are staying true to our original decision to add value with every prospective client engagement, regardless if they do business with us or not. That may feel counter-intuitive, yet I can say that it has developed a strong brand and results in high demand in tough times like we face today. That is the cornerstone strategy we leverage and it can be found in chapter 4 of the Ultimate Sales Machine … we’ll send that your way once you apply if you have yet to read it.

Are you ready to finally get what you deserve in this world, based on your own abilities and convictions?


If so, reply to apply to this job and we will contact you to schedule a pre-screening time that fits within both of our schedules.


Now the pre-screening conversations are only about ten minutes, some longer, most much shorter. Feel free to include your resume, but a perfect resume is not what we are looking for – it is talent and that is obvious quickly.

We are looking forward to speaking with top producers and super stars only.